The Willys Jeep Legend

By Quarter Ton and Military Restorations

During the early days of World War II, November 1940 to be exact, the Jeep Legend came into fruition. Just a year before the United States officially entered the war, Willys delivered a four-wheel drive prototype to the Allied Forces known as Willy’s “Quad.” It featured the Willys “Go-Devil” engine, developed by Delmar “Barney” Roos. With sixty horsepower and a hundred and five foot-pounds of torque, it dwarfed the Bantam’s 83 and Ford’s 85 pound-feet of torque, it’s only competitors at the time. The Quad effectively fathered the MB, CJ series, and Wrangler. Additionally, Willys refined the Quad and built 1,500 units of the Willys MA model, many of which were lend/leased to the Russians to aid in war efforts.

From 1941 to 1945 Willys produced the MB Model, the original go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle, which came to be known by its nickname, the “Jeep.” Made famous during WWII, Willys produced over t

Three hundred thousand MB vehicles, Ford received a secondary contract to build two hundred and seventy thousand more. The American military heavily utilized Jeeps in all of its divisions, with one-hundred and forty-four Jeeps provided to every infantry regiment.  Furthermore, the government shipped large numbers of Jeeps to the British and Russian Allied Forces, comprising nearly thirty percent of total Jeep production.

Today, Quarter Ton and Military Restoration is a proud provider of replacement parts for all Willys ¼  ton Jeeps, including steering partsbrakefuel, and paint.  

For further information, or to place an order, visit or call (423) 762-5858.

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